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Travelling Fellowships

Applications for a Travelling Fellowship are welcomed by the society to support visits for research, study, or teaching. The guidelines for these fellowships are as follows:

  • There is an annual budget of £4500 (from August 2023) allocated towards paying for travel, accommodation, and subsistence. Of this, a maximum of £500 is available for travel within the UK and £1500 for travel within the rest of the world per applicant.
  • Those applying must have been members of the society for at least 1 year.
  • Applications will be accepted from Stage 3 trainees with a special interest in Anaesthesia for Neurosurgery and/or Neurosciences Intensive Care Medicine, and newly appointed Consultants (within 1 – 2 years of appointment).
  • The purpose of the visit should be to either gain or impart skills, knowledge or experience in neuroanaesthesia or neurointensive care within the UK or overseas. The award may not be used solely to attend a meeting, nor may it be used to support anyone other than the applicant.
  • In considering the award, the Society will be looking for the potential that practice will change as a result of the visit. In light of this, it is expected that clear educational objectives are drawn up as part of the application process. These should follow the SMART criteria (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time/cost limited).
  • The applicant will be expected to present their experiences at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the society.
  • The application must be submitted at least eight weeks prior to travel.

Application Process

(Rough breakdown into travel, accommodation and subsistence. Relevant receipts must be submitted with any claim)