Abstract submission will close at 1200 hours GMT Friday March 13th, 2020.

Authors will be contacted with the result of the judging by mid-April 2020.

  • The best abstracts submitted by medically qualified trainees will be invited to compete for the Harvey Granat prize for the best oral presentation during the free paper session, unless the submission specifies for poster only. The awards are £400 for the winner, with a runner up prize of £200.
  • All accepted abstracts are eligible for the poster prize sponsored by SNACC. A shortlist will be made during the meeting, and to be eligible for the prize the first author must be available to present the poster to a panel of judges. The first author of the best poster will be awarded a prize of £200, with a runner up prize of £100.
  • The highest ranked poster presented by a first author who is an allied health professional will be eligible for an additional prize of £50.
  • Abstracts accepted for presentation during the oral free paper session will be asked to produce a poster for display at the meeting, but are not eligible for the poster prize.
  • The majority of accepted abstracts that are of sufficient quality will be published in the Journal of Neurosurgical Anesthesiology.
The assessment pro forma for the submitted abstracts is included here to inform authors of the criteria which will be applied when reviewing the submissions. Templates for the abstracts can be downloaded below. Submissions will only be accepted if these templates are used.  

NACCSGBI Abstract Guidance 2020

NACCSGBI Abstract Template 2020

NACCSGBI ASM Abstract submission letter 2020



Please submit all files electronically to in accordance with the deadlines above to Dr Jonathan Coles (NACCS 2020 Abstract Coordinator)

Email: Dr Jonathan Coles

Information for Successful Applicants Please note that we will only publish case reports in the JNSA which have a particularly unique feature described, thus being selected to present is no guarantee that it is considered worthy of publication. Subsequent publication of the abstract whether an oral or poster presentation in the Journal of Neurosurgical Anesthesiology is contingent on it having been presented at the ASM.  
  • For those invited to present orally – As we have limited time available this will allow a maximum of 7 minutes to talk and 2 minutes for questions. This session will be very strictly chaired! Please use Powerpoint with a maximum of 7 – 8 slides, and bring it along on a disc or memory stick so that it can be loaded onto the system prior to the beginning of the session. We don’t want to waste time connecting and disconnecting laptops between each speaker.
  • For those invited to present a poster – Please prepare posters sized A0 (approx. 1200 mm x 800mm) and presented in portrait orientation. There will be a numbered list assigning your poster to a particular display board. The five posters that have the highest marking score will be shortlisted for the poster prize. It is expected that one of the authors of the short-listed posters will be by the poster during the the lunch break on day 2 in order to answer questions as this is when the judges will be viewing the entries.

The Harvey Granat Prize   This prize is presented annually at the bequest of Mrs Beryl Granat, Dr Arnold Harvey Granat’s widow. Dr Granat (Harvey to friends and colleagues) was a consultant anaesthetist at the Glasgow Institute of Neurological Sciences, where he not only pioneered neuroanaesthetic techniques, including the use of hypothermia and hypotension in neurosurgery, but he was also a founder member of the Neuroanaesthetists’ Travelling Club, the forerunner to the NASGBI. He studied medicine in Glasgow and qualified in 1938, after which he saw war service with the RAMC in the Indian subcontinent and Burma. On his return he was an anaesthetic registrar in Killearn hospital, before being appointed in 1952 as one of the first Consultant Neuroanaesthetists at the regional neurosurgical unit in Glasgow.   Dr Arnold Harvey Granat 1915 to 1989.