The Society aims to facilitate high quality surveys by members, formembers, via ‘Survey Galaxy’. If you have a survey idea, this is the process:
  1. Check the list of previous surveys to make sure you are not repeating a recent topic.
  2. Decide who your target audience is – are you asking all members of the society, just departmental linkmen, or neurocritical care linkmen? This will determine how you structure some questions.
  3. Create a questionnaire ‘offline’, e.g. in MS Word. Too many free text options makes answers very difficult to interpret in a meaningful way.
  4. You should include an introductory paragraph that will appear at the beginning of the survey.  This could include 1 or 2 references.
  5. e-mail the completed document to our survey facilitator Dr Simon P Young at [email protected]. Please make it clear if the survey is intended for all members, or departmental linkmen – neuroanaesthetic and/or neurocritical care.
  6. The survey facilitator will then format the survey on Survey Galaxy, and let you check that the draft works as you expect.
  7. The invitation to participate in the survey will then be sent out by the Society as a ‘url’ link in an e-mail to members.
The survey will be peer reviewed by council members of the Society. These reviewers may make suggestions for changes before publication. We also have access to a medical statistician who may be able to help with a survey, if required. Please be aware that not all survey proposals sent to NACCS are considered suitable for completion.   If you are a trainee or fellow, you would be well-advised to have the involvement of a consultant colleague. At least one of the authors MUST be a member of NACCS.   It is assumed that your survey will be submitted to the next NACCS Annual Scientific Meeting, and that this will be stated in the introduction to the survey. Plan ahead – the closing date for ASM abstracts is usually March, and it can take a few months to publish a survey, with a good month or so of data collection.   It is the intention that completed surveys will be published on the NACCS website with all survey details, including raw results, accessible to members only.  

Dr Simon P Young