ICPNT Accepts Applications for Third Round of Pilot Review

September 2019

The International Council for Perioperative Neuroscience Training has successfully completed two rounds of pilot program reviews. From the initial pilot round three Neuroanesthesiology programs, Northwestern University, University of Washington, and University College of London have been accredited.  Four more applications are currently under review as second pilot sites.  In order to perfect the procedure and strengthen review process despite regional variations, we are currently looking for the third and final round of pilot programs, after which the application will be open to all programs.   This third round of pilot reviews will include up to 8 programs from around the world.

If you are interested in being included in the third round of pilot review, please review the ICPNT web page for more information.  Also, useful insights may be gleaned from reading two articles in the SNACC web page and a recent editorial in JNA.





Contact any of the ICPNT members if you have any questions or need guidance in submitting an application for accreditation of your neuroanesthesiology fellowship.