National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) COVID-19 rapid guideline: critical care in adults
NHS England and NHS Improvement Specialty Guidelines for patient management – whole list
NHS England and NHS Improvement – Society of British Neurological Surgeons: Clinical guide for the management of neurotrauma patients during the coronavirus pandemic
NHS England and NHS Improvement Specialty Guide for patient management during the Coronavirus pandemic: Clinical guide for the management of patients requiring SPINAL SURGERY during the Coronavirus pandemic
Society for Neuroscience in Anesthesiology and Critical Care
European Association of Neurological Surgeons advice: Triaging non-emergent neurosurgical procedures during the COVID-19 outbreak
Society of British Neurosurgical Surgeons Resources:
British Myology Service General Recommendations when assessing a neuromuscular patient positive for COVID-19
RCoA/AAGBI Guidance on potential changes to anaesthetic drug usage and administration
NBTC Guidance and Triage tool for Massive Haemorrhage in severe Blood Shortage
COVID-19 Information for hospital Transfusion team (update 2) – 06/04/2020
Blood Stock Management Scheme (BSMS) Hospitals Inventory Support Document
FICM/ICS/AAGBI/RCoA Consensus guidelines for managing the airway in children with COVID-19 – 06/04/2020
FICM Guidance on Establishing and Delivering Enhanced Perioperative Care Services – October 2020